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Understand Your NDIS Plan

Your NDIS plan brings you more excellent choice and control over the supports funded or provided under your plan. It works on the premises of ‘self-direction.’ It refers to giving control over what, when, where, and whom most of the support is provided. It may include working with support providers and collectively determining the support that you need now and shortly, along with selecting the support workers.

NDIS plan: Inclusions

The NDIS plan of the participants is entirely based on the discussion held during the planning meeting. The following information makes part of the NDIS plan.

Information specific to you

Necessary information related to your disability, routine activities, living area, whom you live with or who care for you, are included.

Friends and family

It includes the support and its level you get from the family and is in the non-funded category. This information helps in working towards your individual goals.

Service and community support

This section talks about the various services and supports funded and delivered by the community, support groups, health centres etc.

Your goals

All your current and long-term goals that you have identified for your life make part of this section. It is an integral part of the NDIS as each support and service you receive should contribute to your goal attainment.

Funded supports

It informs you about the funding allocated to you under each support category and its purpose. The participants may not receive funding under all the support categories of the plan.

It is dependent on the individual needs and changes from plan to plan based on your requirements. The basis of funding is entirely on what is deemed necessary and reasonable for your needs. One should always seek and use NDIS funding for supports and services related to the disability.

Support Categories

A. Core

This category of supports helps you with:

  1. Routine living activities
  2. Disability-related needs
  3. Support you towards your long-term goals

These further make up four subcategories as follows:

Assistance with daily life

  • Assistance in activities like personal hygiene, showering, moving around the house.
  • Assistance with tasks like cleaning, maintenance for maintenance of the home environment.
  • Assistance with preparation of meals, keeping in mind your specific needs.
  • Assistance with living arrangements is independent or shared livings.

Assistance with social & community participation

It is for your increased involvement in the community and other social activities. It may include art classes, sports, camps, visits to the library etc.


Items that one may require to improve independence and mobility.


For assisting you in travelling to work to achieve your life goals as specified in your plan. It will vary from person to person.

B. Capital

  • Assistive technology

Equipment for mobility, communication, personal care, recreation such as mattresses, wheelchairs, bathing and toilet items, vision equipment and vehicle modifications.

  • Home modifications

The funding provided here is not flexible and needs to be used as directed in the allocation. It includes modifications like installation of handrails or a ramp at the entrance or the bathroom.

C. Capacity Building

This support category intends to bring independence to your life and minimize the need for the same support level in the future. The outcomes for these are shared with you at each plan review.

               These include:

    • Improved daily living
    • Improved life choices
    • Finding and keeping employment
    • Community and social participation
    • Improved health and overall wellbeing
    • Living arrangements
    • Learning and relationships
    • Support coordination

How can Arafura Care & Support Services help?

Our coordinators will help you with starting your NDIS plan. It includes helping you understand your plan and the different supports and services available under your plan. We will also elaborate on the responsibilities of other services and overall help you with achieving your goals.

Our coordinators will be your point of contact in case you have any query or concern.

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