What is plan management?

Managing your NDIS funds

NDIS gives a choice to the participants in managing the funds in their plan. It includes all the paperwork, financial transactions and compliance with the NDIS rules and regulations.
Every time you access a service or go about buying a piece of equipment from the NDIS funding, it must be according to the rules and regulations as prescribed in the NDIS.
With Plan Management, you delegate all this responsibility to an individual or organisation for tracking your budget, conducting financial transactions and adequate maintenance of paperwork.
Now, this can be a daunting task for people with disability. Therefore, Plan Management is critical to your NDIS plan and during the initial planning meeting, you are suggested to consider the options available for you.
These are the way how your plan can be managed:


This service is offered to you by an NDIS registered plan manager, such as Arafura Care & Support Services. It increases your control over your funds and ensures that the funds last for the plan’s duration. It is of immense help in navigating through the complexities of the NIDS.


Here you assume all the responsibilities of paying the service providers and miniating all the paperwork. It allows you to make decisions in line with your life goals as specified in the NDIS. You can employ your staff or pay someone to hire it for you.

Agency Managed

In this option, the registered disability support and services provider will directly bill the National Disability Insurance Agency. You must choose only the registered providers. You also have the facility to seek details of the claims, the providers have made against your NDIS funds.

The NDIS plan participants can also choose to have a combination of the above three types to suit your requirements. For instance, you may like to self-manage your consumables and assign the service booking and payment to someone else. Here, you need to select different parts of your plan to be managed in your preferred ways.  

Your NDIS plan manager is responsible for the payment of all invoices to the service providers and will also update you with the information necessary to manage your plan effectively.

Add to your convenience with a Plan Manager

Enjoy the freedom, access control and choice with a plan manager. Get rid your managing all the paperwork and have more time for your life goals.

Why an NDIS plan manager?

There are numerous ways in which you can benefit when you choose to get your plan managed. 

Feel free to get in touch with our managers at Arafura Care & Support Services to learn how you can use it for your benefit. 

  • Choose unregistered providers for cleaning, gardening, therapists. 

  • The expenses related to the plan managers make part of your funding, and no extra cost is involved. Also, it does not reduce your money from other supports. 

  • Make the most of your plan that can assist you in navigating through the NDIS.

  • Lesser hassles and no paperwork at al. 

The best part is that you can always change how your plan is managed irrespective of your option chosen at the start—more freedom for you. 

Arafura Care & Support Services has sorted all things for you to make your NDIS journey easier.

Simplifying it for you

Track your spending, grant approvals and find the status of invoices along with the NDIS plan details through our online portal. 

Quick and reliable

Our team has all the tips that you may need and is eager to support at every step. Fast, reliable – precisely the way you want it to be. 

Maximise your funding

We ensure that every penny of your NDIS funds works for you and gets you the support and services that you need for your life goals. 

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