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It is a support category 4 funded support category of your NDIS plan and comes under the Core Supports. This funding aims to meet goals relating to participating in the community, social or recreational activities. These may occur in a community setting or may be offered in a centre. The objective here is to improve the participant’s ability to participate in social, community and recreational activities.

There can be several potential benefits associated with it, and when participants get opportunities to get connected with the community, it has several far-reaching benefits. The aim here is to help break down all the barriers that one may face in participating in society and associated activities.

What is covered?

The supports funded under this category need to be necessary and reasonable and fall in line with the participant’s planned goals, as mentioned in the NDIS plan.

In the latest NDIS price list, the support workers’ rate is based on the day of the week, time, the support level required and other similar factors. However, if your NDIS plan is self-managed, you can tactfully negotiate the support worker’s rates.

The funding can be used for support in the following:

  • Attend personal development courses
  • Recreational and sporting activities
  • Spend time with friends
  • Participate in social groups
  • Visiting libraries
  • Taking up a new interest or hobby
  • Camping and vocational activities
  • See a movie or attend a concert
  • Join a sporting club and more

The rates for this will often depend on the support worker: participant ratio when the provision of support is meant to enable the participant to engage in the community, social or recreational activities be it in a centre or part of a group activity.

In scenarios where the participant has the challenges of high medical support’s behaviour or requirements, it can be classified as higher intensity support and the costs for this additional need will be on the higher side.

What is not covered?

Now here, it can get a little complex to understand. For instance, the cost of tuition, courses or classes such as a woodworking class. Consider your NDIS Plan goals, your disability, and determine what will be considered ‘reasonable and necessary.’

Generally speaking, the following does not get covered by the NDIS:

  • Entry fee or ticket prices, for example for a movie, amusement park or a museum.
  • Entry fee for the person accompanying you or the support worker.
  • Cost of snacks while attending activities.
  • Equipment cost like sports gear except for being the equipment related to your disability.

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