Household tasks

Arafura Care and Support Services offer support and assistance with all domestic tasks, including cooking, dishwashing, cleaning, clothes washing, and fresh linen. It ensures a safe, secure and healthy environment for the clients. In scenarios where the participants disability prevents them from performing the housel hold tasks, our carers step in to manage the participants’ daily lives.

Our team coordinates all for them, right from the meal preparation, delivery, and laundry cleaning and housework. Furthermore, if there is a requirement of yard work, we can assist them with that.

Services offered

Cleaning services are available across all areas of the house used regularly by the client. These may include bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries, bedrooms, living areas and more. Our support workers undertake all these tasks that provide cleaning stoves, wiping down benchtops, fridges, mopping the floors, dusting, dishwashing, bed linen, drying and even ironing.

At some additional cost, you can avail of the delivery of linen-like sheets, pillowcases, thermal blankets, mattress, towels, hand towels, plastic bed sheeting and more. 

 NDIS support is available for people for their household tasks; however, what gets included in the funding depends on the individual disability and the inclusion in the NDIS plans. 

Household task categories funded under NDIS

Household cleaning and activities

  • Vacuuming, dusting and moping
  • Fridge cleaning dishwashing and laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meals preparation and cooking

The NDIS plan carefully identifies all the assistance that you may need with any household activities. Arafura Care and Support Services organise all possible support to assist you when you need it the most. The objective is to make you live as independently as possible and keep your house clean and hygienic. The healthy environment at home makes your daily living safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.

Preparation of meals

Arafura Care and Support Services will assist and support you with meal preparation and delivery. We can also help you with cooking; however, individual costs may not be included.

Linen service

Our laundry services offer you assistance leading to a healthier and convenient lifestyle. It will include cleaning of towels, sheets, pillows, thermal blankets, bath mats, plastic bed sheeting and more.

House and yard maintenance

Provided that your NDIS plan includes assistance in house or yard maintenance, we can help you with it. The tasks for which we provide support are the lawn’s overall maintenance that may include mowing, treating weeds, clipping hedge, footpaths, etc. These maintenance tasks will make your yard look the best at all times. 

Our support and assistance are not restricted to this, and we also help with the general maintenance of the home, from changing the light bulbs, cleaning gutters to window cleaning and changing the batteries. 

Arafura Care and Support Services is glad to assist you with any household tasks in which you may have difficulty. Enjoy a hygienic, clean and comfortable life as you live in a well-maintained home and garden. 

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