Arafura Care & Support Services encourages socialisation through support worker-managed and self-managed capacity building activities. The participants undertake all such activities with freedom within the space, participate in purposeful workshops and tread towards their life goals. All activities here are goal-oriented and contribute towards capacity building of the participants. 

Arafura Care & Support Services offers various activities that support the participants towards leading a happy and independent life. These interaction programs promote social inclusion and fulfil individual needs and help them lead a life that they have always desired.

We offer centre based activities for promoting socialisation amongst our participants. These may include:

  • Grocery shopping, preparing meals, personal care and hygiene, household tasks and gardening. These are life skills, and particular emphasis is laid on developing these amongst the participants. 
  • For improving health and wellbeing, awareness sessions are organised to impart education. These may include group fitness activities, walks, swimming and yoga. 
  • There are tailored programs to accommodate participants’ learning ability, money management, budgeting and writing skills. Its meant to enhance literacy and numeracy in the participants. 
  • Recreation activities for the participants include ten pin bowling, dancing, picnics, art and craft. 
  • Support and assistance in every form are also provided to the participants for visiting the library, music works, community events, museums, art galleries, shopping and volunteer groups. 

 The participants are encouraged and engaged in centre-based and community activities and are encouraged to contribute to the planning activities. These programs are useful learning activities for developing life skills and offer the participants opportunities to explore their interests and develop new hobbies. 

Join and explore

At our facilities, we have created an encouraging, inclusive, convenient environment and offers learning, growth, and fun and friendship. The participants can involve themselves in numerous community experiences and activities that include art, craft, music, sports and more. Day trips and camps are also organised to learn to spend time independently and learn to participate in the community. 


Our programs for group/centre activities are flexible and offer the convenience of attending on whichever day of the week that suits you. Sufficient attention is paid to ensure that the participants’ comfort and safety are maintained during the activities. Our team members are also friendly, experienced and accessible at all times to help you whenever needed. 

Learn and build relationships

We have devised activities keeping you and your requirements in mind. The learning outcomes of these programs are well laid out. Alongside, we have also ensured that your experience remains exciting and engaging at all times. Make new friends, learn new skills, engage in several social activities; there is something for everyone at Arafura Care & Support Services. 

We offer the participants an obligation free consultation with the sole objective of understanding your needs. Right in the comfort of your home, you can discuss your expectations and requirements with our representatives. We will come up with the best support that you can avail with ample built-in choices.

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