Development of life skills

We believe that Arafura Care & Support Services believe that all life goals are attainable provided you get the right supports and services. Drawing on our experience and resourcefulness, we develop skills that make you independent and content with life.

These life skills development plans are offered in one to one or in a group format.

These programs may include activities that help you with better personal hygiene, grooming, physical well-being, exercise, relaxation and even nutrition, including shopping and preparing healthy food. Other similar activities that we focus upon are:

  • Money handling and management
  • Resume and interview preparation
  • Public transport training
  • Communication skills
  • Relevant social skills
  • Managing medications and medical appointments
  • Routine household tasks, and many more.

The assistance that we provide has the sole objective of strengthening customers’ abilities, participate more fully in the community and lead a fulfilling life overall. The development of life skills focuses on the participant’s training and development activities to improve their ability to live as independently as possible. Training is also available to suit the participant, ensuring that the maximum learning is derived from the program. The focus of these activity remains to increase problem-solving abilities and the management of funding of supports.

Gain confidence and freedom

Assisting the participants in meeting the challenges successfully, we at Arafura Care & Support Services provide a range of training and development activities. The aim is to build the capacity for managing the day to day life with the development of skills and networks of support.

Our support is not only limited to this. If you wish to develop some unique skills and engage yourself in learning, we help you realize your goal. Our support workers have a diverse range of experience, backgrounds and interests, and we will help match those skills and interests with yours.

Managing daily life challenges

Arafura Care & Support Services has a vast experience in the disability and community sector and acknowledge the complexities and challenges faced by people with a disability come across every day. From the everyday tasks and activities to the struggle of leading a normal life, the list is long. We train and develop participants on a range of life skills that includes transportation, travel, personal hygiene, cleanliness and troubleshooting any other issues.

Literacy and financial management skills development

Our team works with you to develop skills in you that help you improve your literacy and numeracy. It also leads to an improvement in communication and independent living. Moreover, we also work towards developing skills that can help you manage your finance, including creating a budget for yourself and managing a bank account.

For parents and carers

It is evident that it is a significant demand for time, energy, and resources for parents and carers. We work with parents and carers and guide them with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to manage their day to day realities and long-term scenarios.

Working jointly with them, we provide all the information and guidance needed to manage challenging behaviours, personal care and any other support form. Advice is also available for transition scenarios like educational settings and living environments.

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