Community Nursing Care

Nursing care services from Arafura Care & Support Services work with people with disability to make their life more comfortable and independent. Working in tandem with the local communities, the nurses work diligently to prevent illness and promote well-being across the life span. It is done by systematically identifying barriers to healthy living and general wellness. We work with families and communities and empower them with the care and support to change everything unhealthy and provide assistance to the people.

It becomes vital that the nurse assumes responsibility and leadership role, learns to take the initiative during emergencies, utilise strong communication skills. Our team can work autonomously or as part of the team depending on the requirements. With patience and discretion, we are open to working in clinical settings and home visits.

Our nurses in the community health provide an interpretative bridge between the acute sector and community services. We attempt to embrace a model that supports community accessing care with compassion. Helping you with the complexity and challenges, our team works in the community health to simplify the health system for you and offer easy access to health care.
Our team of nurses working in the community health comprises an interdisciplinary team that includes mental health nurses, general practitioners, psychologists, allied health professionals.

Be prepared

As you commence with your planning meeting with the NDIS, it helps if you spend time thinking about the nursing supports that you avail and may need shortly. It is advisable to note how you can improve your life and how it can contribute to building your capacity. Be ready with the evidence, as much as possible to support your statements.
Reach out to us in case of any help you need.

Be flexible

You need to have a flexible approach due to several reasons. A nursing activity that you availed in the past may not be required shortly. It is also about the support you receive and not about the nurse that provides you with that special assistance. It will help if you reach out to us with your queries and discover how we can help and support you with certain nursing activities.

Communicate effectively

It is one of the vital aspects of ensuring that you receive the assistance and support you need. Bring clarity regarding your nursing requirements and communicate effectively during your NDIS meeting. If required, you can bring your family member or friend along, to help you with it.

Plan review

The review of your plan should be done with utmost care. Verify whether your needs are part of the NIDS plan or not. Also, check for the correct category. Nursing care will only be available under the “improved daily living skills” category. It should also be listed in the description.

Seek help

Do not hesitate to seek help when you feel stuck. When you are not sure about the nursing supports and its requirement concerning your disability, you can always talk to us. If you feel unhappy with your NDIS plan, reach out, and we will help you with it.

Arafura Care & Support Services is a registered NDIS service provider eager to guide and support you throughout the process.

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