Assist travel/transport

We at Arafura Care & Support Services empowers the participants to build capacity to travel independently. It includes transportation aids and equipment or even training if required. Transport support is available, and it consists of the reasonable costs of all private transport options, including taxis. It is ideal for participants who face difficulty in travelling independently. 

However, this support is only restricted to the participants and is not for families, support providers or carers. 

We understand how attending appointments, visiting family, friends can be challenging, and therefore we work towards building capacities that enable the participants to travel independently. It also includes travelling through public transport alone. 

Our team at Arafura Care & Support Services aims to increase participants’ independence by supporting them with public transport training by guiding them with the routes, timetables, buying of tickets or cards. The objective is to make their public transport journey convenient and comfortable. It helps them participate more in community activities and work towards their life goals. 

Your NDIS plan may have the use of taxi or similar transport options as inclusion. It is for those categories of participants who are not able to travel independently. Arafura Care & Support Services also offers the wheelchair compatible vans for supporting the participants with transportation. It makes life easier for such participants who are unable to access public transport. We help you by driving you to your appointments, community activities and also drop you back home. 

We suggest you schedule your travel with us well in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. We can assist you with:

  • Place of employment
  • Medical or other appointments
  • Place of education
  • Shopping
  • Community participation
  • Visits to family and friends

We well understand how vital is transportation to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. You may need several reasons, and all those reasons are to be carefully considered before your NDIS plan management meeting. It would help if you had a reasonably good idea about your transportation-related requirements to gain maximum out of your NDIS plan. 

For someone with a disability, travel means incurring extra cost, and this amount can become significant when seen for a longer duration. Your NDIS plan can fund these until they fall under the reasonable and necessary transport support category. When our participants can conduct their economic and daily life activities with ease, it takes them closer to their life goals. Not only this, but the NDIS will also consider the reasonable travel requirements for families, carers and informal networks as well. 

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