Providing assistance and support for high-intensity daily activities is challenging for the carers and the NDIS participants. The participants’ involved health issues require a particular level of expertise and experience along with the workers’ specialized skills to ensure that the participants support services of the highest standards.

Therefore, the support workers or carers who have engaged in providing high-intensity support for daily activities must be equipped with the relevant skills, experience and knowledge. They should have additional qualification and training pertinent to the participants’ complex and varied needs.

It is increasingly vital that extra care and precaution are maintained and timely assistance to prevent anything mishappening. Here the role of timely and effective communication can also not be undermined. 

At Arafura Care & Support Services, our staff engaged with high-intensity daily activities assistance meet all the statutory requirements mentioned in the NDIS practice standards. The skills and knowledge, as prescribed in the modules, are stringently followed.  The providers with us have the relevant skills and training to meet the standards and provide the participants’ necessary support. Their educational qualifications, training and experience are apt for this specialized profile.

Arafura Care & Support Services timely adds new resources to help the carers and the providers deliver the participants’ complex support requirements. We ensure that our team follows a consistent and reliable approach in the delivery of these complex supports.

Our support areas include:

  • Complex bowel care
  • Feeding and management
  • Assistance with injections
  • Ventilation
  • Urinary catchers
  • Complex tracheostomy care
  • Additional support activities
  • High risk of seizure
  • Wound management
  • Stoma care
  • Mealtime preparation and delivery
  • Managing diabetes, and more.

We assist the participants with the personal tasks of daily life that are of high-intensity category, helping them live their life as independently as possible. Our team of caring and skilled professionals provide support to ensure that the day to day routine is convenient and manageable. 

All these supports are offered, keeping in mind the comfort and the requirements of the participants. These can be provided in the community environment as well as in the comfort of their home. We well understand that each participant will have a different set of needs and requirements. Therefore, we customize our support and assistance services to meet the varied requirements of every participant. From the short term requirements to the long term goals, we care for you in the best possible way.

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