Assist life stage transition

A transition to a new stage of life is a challenging time for each one of us. However, the challenges increase manifold when the individual has any form of disability. We at Arafura Care & Support Services, excel in assisting the NDIS participants through their life transition stages with success. There can be several transition points in the participants’ lives from starting school, leaving home to getting the first job or retiring from work. When approached with a planned and well-supported view, each transition stage can become enriching for the participants. A careful examination of the individual abilities, needs and goals are necessary here.

All you need is proper planning and support, and you can go on to achieve your life goals through these life transition stages. We appreciate how crucial these junctures are for you, and we are there to support you in every possible way.

At Arafura Care & Support Services, we work towards the participants’ well-being and life skills development to grow your skills and help you participate in the daily activities of life. 

We have tailored programs that are delivered individually or in community-based settings. For instance, our wellness program for life stage transition includes cooking classes, fitness classes, gardening etc. by qualified trainers. 

Our support assistance includes personal care, grooming, meditation, dance and music classes for the participants to explore their interests and increase their community participation. 

Reach out to us to discover how we can provide you with a life-transforming experience.

Life transition support

The life stage transition program at Arafura Care & Support Services includes both short-term and long-term support that aims to assist at the home, community, and help you coordinate your support. 

It includes: 

  • Assistance with tenancy obligations and accommodation
  • Peer support
  • Mentoring
  • Skill development
  • Decision making and planning support. 

Workforce transition

It remains the most common and yet crucial life transitions that our participants undergo. Getting employment while you are still on NDIS support is possible, and our team makes it easier and successful with their expertise and support. We remain with you all the way and help you with all the necessary support in terms of new skills. Right from applying for work, appearing for the interviews to joining and retaining a job, we are with you at every step. We work by identifying your skills sets and strengths and creating a strategy that works best to keep your skills in mind. 

Employment preparation

We assist you with job listings and send your application to several suitable vacancies. Be it preparation of the resume and writing a cover letter, our team help you with everything. Our team works consistently in improving your communication and interpersonal skills, thereby allowing you with your interviews. 

Assistance in employment

Once you gain employment, its vital to perform in your job and retain it. We offer you help with everything, from travelling to your workplace to communication with the employer and your colleagues at the workplace. At Arafura Care & Support Services, our team is eager to help and support you with every aspect. 

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