Arafura Care & Support Services has responded responsibly regarding the Covid-19 scenario and has taken care of all the participants availing our support services. We continue to stringently follow the guidelines and instructions prescribed by the Government and the World Health Organisation from time to time. Regular updates have also been provided to the family members of the participants.

However, now that the restrictions around gathering, returning to work and being part of the community are relatively eased, the NDIS changes in the Covid-19 measures are incorporated in our day-to-day functioning as well.

Along with our team, their family members and we have trodden successfully through the challenging times that everyone went through. We continue to take all precautionary measures to keep the coronavirus at bay. Everyone’s health and safety are vital for us, and we ensure that there isn’t even the slightest compromise.

If you have any concerns or any queries, we will be glad to hear from you. Call us.

Information helpline

Are you concerned? Have things started bothering you because of the coronavirus? Are you looking for support? We are here, and prompt assistance and guidance are available. Call our helpline number  and share your concern. Our team of experts are available to help you.


The Australian Human Rights Commission has come up with Guidelines on the rights of the people with disability in health and disability care during Covid-19. It is of help for the disability services and the support workers as well as healthcare professionals. It advocates a human rights-based approach to decision making during the pandemic. The guidelines will also contribute to easing the disruptions caused to society since the start of 2020.

Emergency provisions

Arafura Care & Support Services and its team of support workers have worked diligently through these difficult times with strict adherence to the guidelines. Our team will continue to do so till the situation improves or the guidelines get relaxed from the authorities. All through these times, there has been no relaxation in our services or its standards.

Our operating procedures follow all the recommendations and guidelines issued from time to time.

Furthermore, we have ensured to utilize technology to ensure that the exposure is reduced to the minimum, and no compromise is there in terms of safety and social distancing.

Our priority – our NDIS participants and our team

At Arafura Care & Support Services, we will remain safe from this pandemic and always stay in a state of preparedness if any unwanted situation emerges. From the use of social distancing measures to the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and a trained, dedicated response team, we have the right steps in place.

Your support and cooperation are primary

We request you all to abide by the government guidelines, and together we can stay safe and emerge healthy and happy from this pandemic situation. All must maintain social distancing and keep good hygiene at all times. Avoid stepping out of your home until absolutely necessary and limit the public gatherings to the minimum.

If you experience any stress or anxiety, please connect with us, and you will receive all the necessary support.

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