Arafura Care & Support Services offers short term accommodation to the NDIS participants, provided its included in their package. We also offer assisted/supported holidays under the ‘community access’ to the participants’ satisfaction. 

Short term accommodation is available for a shorter period when usual supports or accommodation is not accessible due to any reason. It is an opportunity for the participants to meet new people, interact, participate in new activities. Parents and carers also get a welcome break from their commitments and focus on other engagements if required. 

Short term accommodation will include all expenses incurred, and it may have assistance with daily personal activities, food, housing and other activities.

We welcome you

Consider our short term accommodation as a home away from home. It is a great place to access numerous engaging, exciting activities and set in a serene environment. From fishing trips, camping to visit amusements parks and more, the participants enjoy every bit of it.  

Our team at Arafura Care & Support Services will work closely with the participants and take care of their individual needs. Moreover, we keep the age groups similar, and numerous packages are also available for people with similar interests. 

Facilities available

  • Beds with pressure care mattresses
  • Ceiling mounted electric hoists
  • Shower chairs
  • Overbed supports
  • Adjustable dining tables
  • Large outdoor space

Call us or email us to book your short stay accommodation with us. 

Activities available

It is a beautiful opportunity for the participants to meet new people, try new activities and explore new interests. During the short term accommodation, the participants can see the latest movies, go out for a meal, go to the beach, visit the local attractions or even play their favourite sport. 

Irrespective of your age group or preferences, you will find something for yourself that will be enjoyable for you. Reach out to us to know more. 

Support available

Our short term accommodation is welcoming in every sense for the participants and is well equipped for people with disability. Our team at the centre will support you to meet your specific requirements with convenience and promptness. 

It may include: 

  • Meal planning and cooking
  • Nutrition
  • Personal care
  • Showering and dressing
  • Taking medication

Just in case, you do not stay with us, and these supports are also available in the comfort of your home. 

Duration of the stay

You have different options available for the same, and you can opt for the day, overnight, weekend or a holiday or even longer. However, we suggest you refer to your NDIS plan to understand what funding is included in your support package.

Age group-specific

Our short-term accommodation services are not the typical one-size-fits-all solution. Although we offer both children and adults services, we ensure that the stay is with others who are about the same age. We accommodate children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens as per their age groups and even interests whenever possible.

Call us and explore how we can make your short term accommodation with us as comfortable as you ever wanted.

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